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Ever Changing Entity
Health care in America is an ever-changing entity. Twenty-five years ago, most people in the United States had traditional insurance coverage called indemnity insurance coverage. A person with indemnity insurance could go to any doctor, hospital, or other provider, and the insurance and the patient would each pay part of the bill as defined by the guidelines of the policy.

In todays world of Insurance it is very different. More than half of all Americans who have health insurance are enrolled in some kind of managed care plan, an organized way of both providing services and paying for them. There are many Different types of managed care plans work differently and include preferred provider organizations (PPOs), health maintenance organizations (HMOs), and point-of-service (POS) plans.

The majority of people today understand these terms or at least have probably heard these terms before. What do they mean and what are the differences between them? And what do these differences mean to you? What are your needs for Insurance Coverage?

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